How to Improve Your Refractory Period

Updated April 17, 2017

For men improving their refractory period--the amount of time it takes them to "recharge" after ejaculation--the act is a complete mental exercise. When conditions are favourable, the refractory period can be skipped altogether. The key is that the man must feel comfortable and aware of his partner's feelings and desires to achieve maximum effectiveness in the bedroom. Sex is mental not just for women but for men as well.

Adjust your mental perspective of sex. The refractory period can be skipped or tremendously shortened when adequate stimulation is applied. Before attempting to modify your refractory period, though, mentally understand that it is possible and not a product of your imagination.

Talk to your partner about your goals. Make it clear that you want to shorten your refractory period and enjoy more time in the act of lovemaking. Ask for additional participation during this period or before it to achieve your goals. Remember that sex is a mental practice.

Actively try different forms of stimulation after your ejaculation to renew your erection. After you find the method that works best for you, experiment with your partner to perfect the method. Only the right stimulation for the right amount of time and mental state can shorten a refractory period.


Female stimulation is the key to good sex.


Viagra is another way to avoid the refractory period, but many men report dissatisfaction with this method because it can stop orgasm.

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