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The Low Blow in Women's Self-Defense Techniques

Updated July 20, 2017

Defense classes for women often teach improper tactics. Defense classes, such as those a woman might attend at her local YMCA, teach women to attack the male groin, as if it is a magic bullet to defeating violent attackers. Attacking the groin is what martial arts experts call a "low percentage" hit; in reality, it rarely scores or achieves the goal of stopping an attacker.

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Don't Attack the Gonads From "Outside" Range

Trying to attack the gonads from outside range is futile. "Outside" range means you are beyond the reach of your attacker's arm. It is unlikely that you will hit your target at this range; men are accustomed to protecting the gonads from strikes. Enter "trapping" range to score a hit on the sensitive, genital area. Trapping range is within the arm reach of you and your attacker, where grappling, such as bear hugs, takes place. Most people are unaccustomed to fighting in this range. A male will usually simply try to smother a female opponent with raw strength at this range. In this range, a knee or an upward palm strike to the testicles can hit effectively.

Attacking From Inside Trapping Range

Enter trapping range by leading with a stomp to the attacker's foot, throwing something at his face, or flicking the hand in an eye jab attempt. You can also drop down unexpectedly in a seeming attempt to tackle the legs. Here, you are below your attacker's hand reach and have the time and opportunity to strike the testicles. If you are "bear hugged" from the front or behind, you may be able to grab or strike the groin with a palm strike if your hands are at your sides. If you are on the ground and the attacker tries to mount you, you may be able to score a strike to the testicles with your instep if you draw your knee up to your chest, follow this by shoving the attacker away with your feet.

Twist, Pull, Crush

Many inferior self-defence courses for women practice low-percentage strikes on the male genitalia as if it is the "holy grail" of women's self-defence. They practice striking the testicles in a momentary striking manner. Men are used to having the sensitive gonads struck randomly by the hazards of everyday life, and can often shrug off the pain of a single blow. If you strike the genitals, do not simply deliver a blow; grab, pull, twist, claw and crush.

Other Effective Tactics

While the testicles are potentially the most painful place to strike a man, in terms of how much force you need to use, it is not the magic key to escaping a violent encounter. There are other areas you can attack effectively with reasonably little force. You can break the instep of the attacker's leading foot with a heel stomp. Grab the opponent's ear and drop your body weight; it might come right off. You can also grab the ear and crumple it like a paper wad. Heel stomp the opponent's leading knee -- sideways, not straight on. Grab the nose and twist or crush; do not let go, apply pain until the attacker is subdued.

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