How to Catch a Falling Person

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When a person falls, there is a chance he might injure himself unless there is someone nearby who can catch him and soften the fall. Depending on how far the person falls and how hard the landing surface is, the fall could result in head trauma, bone fractures and bruises. In some circumstances, a fall could be fatal.

If you see someone start to fall, it is important that you respond immediately and know how to catch the person to prevent injury.

React quickly. Move into a position where you can catch the person Stand with firm footing, and hold a solid stance. Place your feet apart, and bend your knees slightly. Hold out your arms with the palms of your hands facing up. Mentally prepare yourself for the impact of the weight.

If there is another person near you, try to position yourselves so that one of you catches the falling person's legs and the other catches the upper torso.

Bend your knees at the moment of impact to absorb some of the energy from the fall. Try to slow the speed of the falling person with your arms as you guide him to the ground. Try to protect his head from hitting a hard surface.

Check to see if the person is conscious or injured. Have the person lie still, and call for medical assistance.