How to put on button studs

Updated April 17, 2017

Button studs, or formal shirt studs, are a type of men's jewellery that adds interest and glamour to men's formal wear. Button studs take the place of buttons on a tuxedo shirt, although some styles of tuxedo shirt accommodate studs in addition to buttons. Studs come in screw-back and sliding-pin styles and are often made of silver or pearl. You can also find novelty or vintage button studs in many styles. They often come in a set with matching cufflinks. Use shirt studs to add a bit of your personality to the blank slate of a tuxedo.

Slip on your tuxedo shirt.

Locate the first stud hole. With the shirt unbuttoned, this will be the first thing below the collar button on the right-hand side. If you are using a convertible tuxedo shirt, there may be a button right next to or partially overlapping the hole.

Insert the stud through the hole as you would a button. If using studs with screw-on backs, you may find it easier to remove the back first. If using sliding-pin studs, depress the spring-loaded pin while pushing the main portion through the hole.

Repeat with your remaining two or three studs. Replace the backs of screw-on studs. There will be normal buttons in the parts of your shirt that will be covered by your tie and cummerbund or vest.

Button your shirt as you normally would, with the exception of using your shirt studs instead of buttons where applicable. Don't forget to insert your cufflinks.


You can select button studs that match or complement your cufflinks. If choosing novelty studs, make sure they are not too garish. An occasion that calls for formal wear is one at which you will want to appear sophisticated, not silly.


Keep button studs away from small children or pets, as they pose a choking hazard.

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