How Do I Get a Newly Pierced Earring Back in After it Fell Out?

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Earrings are a popular accessory for both men and women. Parents often get their children's ears pierced at a very young age, and teens and young adults often opt for multiple ear piercings. When getting ears pierced, hygiene is very important. Keeping the area clean and bacteria-free is vital to avoid infection.

Ears are initially pierced with small, hypoallergenic studs. If these studs are removed or fall out before the ears are healed (about four to six weeks after piercing), the hole can close up if the earring is not reinserted immediately. When reinserting an earring that fell out of a newly pierced ear, it is important to keep sanitation in mind.

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Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. Any bacteria or oils on the hand can be transferred to the earring, so it is vital to have clean hands before proceeding. Dry hands thoroughly.

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Soak a cotton swab in hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Rub the cotton swab along the post and the stud of the earring.

Insert the earring into the prepunched hole in the ear lobe. Do this by holding the ear lobe with one hand and the earring with the other. Then, aim the earring straight at the hole. If the earring has been out for a while, the wearer may need to punch through a partially healed hole, which will start the healing process over again. This means that the earring must be kept in for another four to six weeks before it is completely healed.

Rub the cotton swab over the backing of the earring. Then, slide the backing over the post of the earring to secure it to the ear. Do not remove the earring until the piercing is completely healed.