Ways to Conceal a Nose Stud

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If you have your nose pierced, it is likely you will need to conceal the piercing at some time in your life from either family members or employers. Even as society becomes more accepting of body modification, your nose piercing may be seen as unprofessional or make others uncomfortable. Nose studs are easier to conceal than hoops, and you can hide your piercing without having to take it out or allowing it to heal.


If your nose ring is still in the healing process, it is best to conceal it in a manner that does not involve taking the piercing out. Removing the piercing and putting it back in will make it difficult for the sensitive tissue to heal and can also lead to infection. To best conceal your new nose stud, cut a small piece out of an adhesive bandage that is large enough to cover the piercing. Stick the adhesive bandage over the top of the nose stud. This will make it look as though you have a small cut or pimple on your nostril rather than a piercing.

Clear Retainer

Retainers are clear pieces of body jewellery that are difficult to see from far away. Clear retainers that are designed for noses feature a post that goes through the nostril with a flat piece on top that lays on top of the skin outside of the nose. If you have had your nose ring for awhile and it is healed enough for you to switch out jewellery, a clear retainer is an easy way to conceal your piercing. Remove your nose stud and insert the clear retainer into the piercing during times you need to keep your nose ring hidden. Be sure to sterilise both your nose ring and the retainer before inserting them into your nose each time to prevent infection.


If you have a very small nose stud, make-up can be a convenient way to conceal your piercing. Apply a thin layer of foundation or face powder directly on top of your nose ring. This method will only work for nose studs that are small and plain, so large studs or ones featuring jewels will not work. Do not use make-up to conceal a fresh piercing, as it can lead to infection. It is also advisable to only cover your piercing with make-up for short periods of time on an irregular basis to prevent the piercing from becoming infected. Always wash your face thoroughly to remove the make-up when you no longer need the piercing concealed.


Hiding your nose ring may only work short term, as it is likely that people will notice the piercing eventually despite your efforts to cover it. This is especially true for concealing your nose stud at work. Consider telling your employer about the piercing, but note that you can conceal it to avoid potential disciplinary action if piercings are not allowed in the workplace.

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