How to Make a Fake Belly Button Ring Without Glue

Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

Body piercings, such as a belly button or navel piercing, is a look many want. But, not everyone is willing to commit to a piercing. Using fake body-piercing jewellery can give you the look without actually committing to a permanent hole in your belly button.

You can use glue, such as eyelash glue, to attach a fake piercing. But if you have a sensitivity to such products, you can opt for a glue-free fake ring by crafting your own navel jewellery.

Remove the back post from a long, dangling earring. Opt for an earring which is no wider than one-quarter inch across to ensure the fake piercing is comfortable on your stomach. The earring should be the same width across the top and bottom. Use pliers to twist and turn the post to remove it from the back of the earring. Use a file to sand down any sharp points on the back of the earrings where the post once was.

Take the earring to a hardware or craft store. Measure the width of the earring against industrial-strength magnets. Purchase the magnets that fit the earring.

Glue one magnet to each end of the earring. Remember that the earring curves down from above to through your belly button, so ensure the proper side of each magnet is in place. Test the polarity of the magnets by testing the location before gluing the magnets on.

Wait for glue to dry. Bend the earring down over the top of your belly button. The magnets will adhere to each other, holding the ring in place. Pull the top skin of your belly button to thin out the skin, helping the magnets stick to one another.