Instructions for the Jabra HFS001

Updated March 23, 2017

The Jabra HSF001, otherwise known as the Jabra Cruiser, is a small device that attaches to your car's visor, allowing you to speak naturally in the car and have the speakerphone pick up your voice. In addition to the Cruiser's ability to make voice-activated calls, you can control all of the usual call functions through the HSF001, such as volume control, muting and switching between calls on hold. Before you are able to use the Cruiser to its fullest capacity, you must pair it to your phone.

Press the "Power" button on the side of the Jabra. The first time you turn on the speakerphone, it sets into pairing mode. The speakerphone announces "Pairing Mode," and the LED light begins to flash.

Set your cell phone into discoverable mode. Open the Bluetooth options on the phone (generally in the "Settings" folder, depending on your specific phone model) and select to set it into discovery mode or pair it with a Bluetooth device.

Choose "Jabra Cruiser" from the list of available Bluetooth devices that appears on your phone.

Enter the Cruiser's pairing code, "0000," when prompted to complete the pairing process.

Clip the Cruiser to your car's visor. Dial the number to which you want to connect on your phone, or receive a call by pressing the "Answer" button on the Jabra and speak normally.

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