How to Dispose of Cat Litter Box Waste

Updated February 21, 2017

Cat litter box waste can be hazardous to the environment. You might think of it as a harmless substance that simply helps you and your cat keep your home sanitary. However, when disposed of incorrectly, your cat litter can damage the environment and harm animals and, if it is a biodegradable type of cat litter, will not have the opportunity to decompose correctly. For these reasons, it is important to dispose of cat litter box waste correctly.

Compost cat litter that has a natural base; this type of cat litter will be made of corn, wheat or other plant-based products.

Throws away biodegradable cat litter. (Natural-based cat litter is biodegradable.) This type of cat litter will decompose in a landfill.

Avoid throwing out any cat litter in a plastic bag --- if the litter is biodegradable, it will not be able to decompose inside the plastic. Instead, use a cardboard box or paper bag to dispose of the cat litter.


Pregnant women, as well as people with compromised immune systems, should never handle cat litter box waste. Check with your local government office about how you are allowed to dispose of cat litter box waste. (Some communities, for example, do not allow composting of cat litter under any circumstances.)

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