How to decorate around an ivory-colored sofa

Updated February 21, 2017

While some people think of ivory as simply white, technically, the colour is off-white, meaning a shade or several shades darker than white. The truest form of the colour resembles the ivory tusks of elephants. Incorporating ivory into your colour scheme is a wise move as it gives your room a fresh, cheerful anchor. Ivory also blends well with a range of other colours, so a large furniture item like an ivory sofa doesn't limit your decorating options. With such a bold item, use it as a springboard to create a striking, light-filled room that blends white and off-white.

Apply a warm white, cream or ivory colour to the walls. Alternatively, hang wallpaper that has light white or ivory stripes or floral patterns.

Install hardwood flooring in a light blond wood, such as pine. Place a large, fuzzy ivory or white area rug at the foot of the couch.

Purchase accent chairs in similar shades of ivory, white or off white. Position them around the couch. Depending on your decor style, pair a blond wood accent table or sleek, white plastic side table with each chair.

Hang an all-white or ivory chandelier or large paper lantern from the ceiling at the centre of the room. Add lamps made out of painted white, cream or oatmeal-coloured porcelain or metal with matching shades.

Decorate the room with white or off-white accessories, such as glass bowls of these coloured stones or sea shells, porcelain vases or figurines, white vintage lanterns or bouquets of white flowers. Hang framed painting of mostly white objects such as snow-capped mountains, or smoke.


If you opt to add more colour, use warm-toned items, such as brick red, and add in pops of colour with an area rug or artwork that brings life to the space.

Things You'll Need

  • White or off-white paint or wallpaper
  • White or off-white area rug
  • White or off-white chairs
  • Blond wood or white plastic accent tables
  • White or off-white hanging light and lamps
  • White or off-white accessories
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