Playhut Tent Folding Instructions

Written by eric cedric | 13/05/2017

Playhut tents are made for near-effortless set-up and takedown. These self-erecting tents come in versions that go on top of beds, floors or backyards. In addition to the coloured versions, Playhut sells tents with licensed characters and recognisable cartoon characters. Folding up the tent and placing it in a storage bag after use is a wise idea. The Playhut tents fold up quick and easy when folded in the proper fashion.

Break down any accessories on the tent like lights or covers. Take off the hook-and-loop straps attaching the tent to a bedpost or other structure.

Put the tent on a flat surface and push the two large sides in toward each other. Fold the other sides onto the now compressed larger side walls. Make an umbrella-like accordion out of the tent walls.

Put pressure on the bottom of the tent, with a foot or heavy object, and bend the tent into a C. Grip the centre of the C at the support poles with both hands and push the two curves of the C in toward each other, with a result of three circles nested in each other.

Place the folded tent in a bag or between two flat objects for storage.

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