House Plants for Bearded Dragons

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Bearded dragons are omnivorous lizards native to Australia. They enjoy plant material as a part of their diet, along with protein such as feeder insects.

House plants can be used in bearded dragon cages as well as fed to the bearded dragon to supplement its diet, but owners should beware that some house plants are toxic to bearded dragons.


House plants can be used as additional decor for a bearded dragon cage instead of fake plants or other decorations. These plants will make the cage look appealing and also provide the bearded dragon with shelter to feel secure. Provided these plants are edible and nontoxic to the bearded dragon, they can be left in the cage as a food source when you leave on vacation.

Safe Plants

Safe house plants for bearded dragons include wandering Jew, violets, spider plants, sage, petunias, lavender, nasturtium, hollyhocks, hibiscus, grapes, geraniums, ficus and clover. These plants are safe to have in the enclosure as well as to be fed to the bearded dragon as a food source. Any house plant that is near a bearded dragon should be thoroughly washed in case it contains pesticides.

Toxic Plants

Some house plants are toxic to the bearded dragon, such as the pothos plant and kale. The milky sap of the leaves of the pothos and the high oxalate content of the kale is irritating to the bearded dragon and can cause poisoning. These plants should not be fed to the bearded dragon, but may be used in their cage as decor. However, if the bearded dragon begins to nibble on them, they should be removed.


Live plants aren't normally used for decoration in small enclosures for large lizards, because of the tendency of the lizard to trample them. It may turn out to be more difficult for the owner to maintain healthy plants in the bearded dragon enclosure. However, in a very large bearded dragon enclosure where the bearded dragon and the plants have enough space, the plants may go untouched. Houseplants such as spider plants and photos can be placed in hanging baskets inside of the enclosure to protect them.