Ideas for building a sunroom on stilts

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Invite more sunlight into your living space by building a sunroom. These structures are built onto the side of a house, and feature large glass panels to let in more sunlight. Sunrooms can be used to make yoga studios, meditation rooms, artist work spaces or just a place to relax and enjoy the sun.

In a steep location, the land may drop away from the house. In this situation, building the sunroom on stilts is the best idea for keeping it level with the rest of the house. Stilts can also be used to raise the sunroom up to the upper level of the house.

Upper Level Sunroom

Add more light to the upper levels of your home by installing a raised sunroom. Ideal for extending a bedroom, the sunroom offers space to relax and enjoy the surrounding views. The stilts are often constructed from reinforced concrete but may be made from strong wooden beams as well. A raised sunroom allows the creation of an indoor garden upstairs. A dual advantage to the raised sunroom, is the shaded area it provides beneath. This area can be used for hosting barbecues and other garden events, while taking shade from the strong summer sun.

Steep Slope

Stilts can be used to overcome even the steepest garden when building a sunroom. Rather than landscape the garden and make the ground flat, keep your steep garden but use stilts to level out the foundations for the sunroom. This will create the illusion that the sunroom is floating when you are inside it. Depending on the degree of the slope, the space beneath the stilts can be used to store things and keep them out of the rain and direct sunlight.

Full Length and Stepped

Sunrooms are not restricted to small conservatory styled rooms. They can stretch the length of the house, being used for several purposes. When considering building a full-length sunroom, stilts can be used to raise one end or the centre portion. This will add a touch of individuality to your sunrooms. Steps can lead from the lower sunrooms to the raised sunroom so that you do not need to navigate the house to move through them. The space beneath the raised portion can also be utilised as a shaded garden area. Doors can be added to the lower sunrooms allowing easy access to the shaded area.

Beach Front Sunroom

Build a sunroom out onto the water by using stilts. Beach front properties that are built against the water edge, can still build sunroom extensions to enjoy the view. Stilts can be sunken into the river or lake bed and create a stable platform for building the sunroom. Double doors can be added to the sunroom and a boat can be tied up, creating your own indoor jetty.