Plants for a Bird Aviary

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A bird aviary is a large cage or enclosure for multiple birds most often displayed indoors. If you are a bird lover, an aviary can be a delightful addition to your home. Aviaries often include plants or trees, but care must be taken to include only those that are safe for your feathered friends.

Aviary-Safe Trees

Birch, aspen and ash trees are all safe for bird aviaries. The elm, coffee tree and dogwood tree are also good choices according to experts at Bird Talk Magazine. Other safe trees include the crab apple, oak, red maple and yew trees.

Shrubs and Bushes

The barberry bush offers many colourful varieties and is safe for your birds as well. Bougainvillea offers beautiful foliage and many lovely coloured, fragrant blossoms. Both bushes will do well in pots for long periods of time, with proper drainage and fertilising.


Succulents come in many types, sometimes with an “otherworldly” look to them, and can be maintained in low pots or as ground cover. Some aviary-safe varieties are hens and chicks, aloe and the jade plant.

Flowering Plants

Flowering plants offer beautiful colour contrasts for the birds in your aviary. Violets, African daisies, marigolds and baby’s breath are all safe choices for your bird habitat. Roses are also safe, and offer gorgeous, fragrant blooms.


Many herbs are safe for birds as well. Herb choices for the aviary include chamomile, comfrey, garlic, dill, parsley, lemon balm, peppermint and spearmint.

Foliage Plants

Greenery and foliage plants offer a beautiful backdrop for other plant varieties in the aviary. Safe plants to choose include staghorn ferns, Swedish ivy, peperomia, maidenhair fern, aluminium plant, baby tears, birds nest ferns, and schefflera. These plants are readily available inexpensively at most home and garden retail stores.

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