How to Dry Bath Towels

Absorbent bath towels can quickly dry us off when we're wet. However, this same absorbency means bath towels can take hours to dry. Wet bath towels can quickly develop mildew if not dried properly. The smell can linger on the towel, sometimes even after washing. To avoid this issue, thoroughly dry bath towels after they are used and after washing.

Wring out wet towels. If a bath towel is saturated and dripping wet, hanging it up will not be sufficient for it to dry properly. Twist the towel with both hands to wring out the excess water and speed the drying process.

Avoid folding the towels while they are wet. Folding a wet towel stops it from drying properly since air cannot get to the bottom sections. Always hang towels with no folds.

Hang bath towels in a spot with good airflow to speed up the drying time. This may mean hanging them in a room other than the bathroom. If the room has a window, open it to encourage airflow to help dry the towels quicker.

Use a clothesline for towels that are very wet. This should help towels to dry in a few hours, or less if it's windy. If you don't have a clothesline outside, an indoor version will also work, but towels likely will take longer to dry.

Wash saturated towels immediately if you don't have time or space to air dry them. After the cycle in the washing machine ends, move the towels immediately to the dryer or hang up to dry.

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