How to Fix a Peeling Iron-on Transfer

Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images

A shirt with an iron-on transfer may be your favourite, but after repeated wearings and washing the iron-on may start to peel off at the edges. If you want to save your iron-on transfer, it's not hard, but it needs to be done quickly and carefully. Iron-on designs are made to be permanent, but over time the adhesive may not stick as well as it used to. Fix your iron-on before it is completely ruined and bring your garment back to its former glory.

Heat an iron to a high heat setting.

Place the garment on an ironing board, and place a piece of paper on top of the area of the transfer that is peeling off.

Iron over the peeling transfer quickly, using only the edge of the iron.

Repeat this procedure and keep checking the transfer until you notice it's sticking to the garment again.

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