Leaking Water From a Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Updated February 21, 2017

Cuisinart's line of coffee makers vary, from simple brew machines that use paper filters to more expensive machines that grind the beans before brewing. Water leaking from your cuisinart coffee maker is the sign of an issue with the appliance, but basic DIY troubleshooting can help alleviate the problem.

Turn on the coffee maker and attempt to brew a carafe of coffee, but don't fill the filter basket with beans or ground coffee. Instead, wait until the water is hot enough and starts to drip into the flip-lid on top of carafe and pay close attention to the drip. If water leaks to the side, check the position of the carafe on the warming plate: it may need to be repositioned closer to the rear of the machine in order to catch the drip.

Check the manual or simply look inside the machine to check out the filter basket. If the basket inside the machine features metal mesh screening, no paper filter is needed. If you've been using a paper filter along with the metal screen basket, this may cause a backwash that will inadvertently clog the showerhead.

Fill the basket with a few scoops of ground coffee and refill the reservoir with the same water you just used. Turn the machine off, wait about 5 minutes then turn the machine on. Wait a few seconds until the water begins to leak and turn off the machine. Flip open the lid to check the grounds: if they're relatively dry, chances are displaced coffee grounds are plugging the showerhead.

Unplug the machine and remove the carafe and filter basket. Turn the machine upside down to drain the reservoir. Run water backwards, up the showerhead, in an attempt to flush any grounds that may be lodged in the showerhead.

Check the warranty information included with the maker to determine two things: one, if your machine has the Brew Pause feature; and two, if the machine is still under warranty. In cases of Brew Pause, the machine automatically will pause brewing if the carafe is removed. If something's wrong with the sensors, the machine may not be able to sense the removed carafe and continue to drip. Contact the company for repair.

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