How to Kill Mosquito Larvae With Household Products

Updated November 21, 2016

Mosquito larvae are usually found in standing water either inside or outside of the home. Killing mosquito larvae is essential to making sure the area does not become infested with mosquitoes at hatching time. Destroying the mosquito larvae does not necessarily require pesticides or poisons. In fact, getting rid of mosquito larvae can be done by using products found around the house.

Empty standing water onto dry ground. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water because they cannot survive on dry land. The eggs need hydrogen to grow into mosquitoes. Simply emptying the water helps get rid of most mosquito larvae. However, since it is not always easy to empty a body of water, you might try some other things.

Treat the water with mineral oil. Mineral oil will create a layer of filmy substance on the surface of the water that will suffocate the larvae before they can hatch. Use about a tablespoon of mineral oil per gallon of water. Do this immediately every time you see any mosquito larvae. Mineral oil will also not affect plants or other fish life in the water.

Add another portion of mineral oil after about a month. Even if you do not see any mosquito larvae in the standing water that does not mean a mosquito will not attempt to lay more. If you regularly treat the water you will not have to worry about an uprising of mosquito larvae. When two to three months have passed without any mosquito larvae, you can stop the treatment.

Things You'll Need

  • Mineral oil
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