How to Stop Mice From Eating Strawberries

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Mice and other rodents can be a major problem for any gardener. They can eat the seeds out of the ground, chew on the leaves and remove any fruit and berries the plant produces. Soft fruits, like strawberries, are particularly susceptible to mice.

There are a number of measures any gardener can take right from the moment of planting, to stop mice and other vermin from getting to the plants before they can be enjoyed.

Plant the seeds in pots or window boxes and wait for them to shoot. Mice will not be able to get to them as easily in these situations and you can replant them once the seedlings have started to root.

Encircle the plants with several layers of fine mesh chicken wire. Mice can squeeze through very small spaces so it may not be 100 per cent effective, but this will offer some protection.

Grow mice repelling plants near the strawberries. Mint, lavender and catnip are all disliked by mice and other rodents, possibly because all these plants attract cats.

Set traps in the garden and bait them with strawberries or other plants they are eating around the garden. These can be effective, but the mice will have to be either killed or released a long distance away, so they do not come back.

Place some moth balls on the ground around the strawberry plants. Mice do not like the smell and will stay away.

Spray rodent repellent on the ground around the plants. This aerosol can be purchased from any good gardening store or online. The smell repels the mice, but does not harm the plants.