Herbs & plants that repel rats

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Rats are rodents that you surely do not want in your house, garden or lawn. They not only eat almost everything they find, but also are carriers of disease. Many people prefer to avoid using poison to deal with rats because of the risk to people, pets and the environment. If this is the case, consider growing plants and herbs that deter rats.


Peppermint has a pleasant aroma to most humans. However, rats dislike the smell. By planting peppermint trees in the landscape, you can keep rats at a distance. Make a peppermint spray by chopping some mint leaves and adding them to boiling water. Let the mixture steep. Strain the solution into a spray bottle and spray it over areas that are infested by rats. Dip cotton balls in mint oil and leave them wherever you suspect rats, especially around windows and doors. Leave some in the drawers, cupboards, under sofas and other places that are visited by rodents. The peppermint smell tends to dissipate in a few days and thus needs refreshing. In addition to rodents, peppermint also repels fleas, ticks and ants.


Garlic is used to keep fleas and ticks away from the house. However, it is also can keep rodents away from the house and garden. By planting garlic in the garden, rodents will be kept at bay. Garlic contains several sulphur compounds that result in a pungent odour that is disliked by rodents. Make a simple spray by adding garlic cloves to boiling water. Strain the liquid in a spray bottle and spray it in areas where you see rodents. Alternatively sprinkle garlic powder around the house or around the garden to repel rodents. Tomato plants grown around the garden can help repel rodents from entering the premises. Dispersing tomato plant leaves around the house and garden will help in keeping rats away.


Some flowers also will deter rodents. Daffodils can be grown to keep rodents away during spring. Marigolds have a strong smell that is disliked by rodents.The lavender flowering plant has purple budlike flowers that emit a fresh scent that people enjoy, but will keep rodents at bay.


Oregano, sage, black pepper and cayenne are effective in repelling rats and other rodents. Homeowners can sprinkle herbs on soil, plants, doorway cervices and in cracks around the house. These herbs have a strong smell and a boundary made by these herbs will protect the area against rodents.

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