What Smells are Ladybugs Attracted to?

ladybug image by Marek Kosmal from Fotolia.com

Ladybirds, with their colourful, spotted bodies, are a delight to see flying around your garden. Not only are they pretty, but they can also help to keep plant-eating garden pests in check. Knowing what smells attract ladybirds can help you bring more of them to your yard.

Whey and Yeast

According to the website Bukisa, ladybirds seem to be attracted to the scent created by a mixture of whey and yeast. You can combine these two ingredients and spray them onto plants to which you hope to attract ladybirds. Using a mixture of sugar and water with the yeast, instead of whey, also attracts ladybirds.

Other Ladybugs

Ladybirds living in a comfortable environment will secrete a pheromone. Other ladybirds smell the pheromone and flock to the area.


Because ladybirds prey on aphids, they are naturally attracted to the scent they give off. Ladybirds will converge on any area where they smell aphids, knowing there is a food supply. There are also several types of ladybug attractant sprays available that mimic the smell aphids produce.

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