How to view someone's cell phone records

Written by christell york | 13/05/2017
How to view someone's cell phone records
Cell phone records are private. (cell phone image by MateiA from

Viewing another person's cell phone records can be an invasion of privacy. You may be able to view the records of individuals you share a mobile phone account with if you are the account holder or if that person grants you access to his records. Care should be taken when attempting to view these records, because it could be illegal. If you do not share an account with the person whose records you wish to view, it is best to ask his permission.

Open your mobile phone provider's Web page and log in to your account.

Click to select the mobile phone whose records you would like to view.

Click the option for "Bills." The wording on your mobile provider's Web page will vary, but the option generally can be found under "My account" or "Billing." The page will show you a summary of the minutes used on the phone selected.

Click the option to view your detailed bill. This will show you usage details, including phone numbers dialled and the length of each call.

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