How to Turn Off Voice Chat on the PS3

Updated April 17, 2017

Many PlayStation 3 video games provide real-time interaction with other players through voice chat. Sometimes that interaction can be inappropriate for children or inappropriately childish for adults. Individual games typically have voice controls to allow you to turn off voice chat by game. Alternatively, you can turn off all of the voice chat features for a sub-account through the PS3's parental control features. This will block incoming or outgoing voice chat messages in all games. You can also use this menu to block games based on the ESRB ranking they have received.

Open the "Users" menu from the cross-media bar. Select "Create Name" to enter a new name for the user. Select "OK."

Log in to the new user from the "Users" menu. Select "Yes, I want to create a new account" and enter the requested information. Enter the email address and password of the console's master account to authorise the new account's creation.

Sign in to the email account associated with the PS3's master account. Open the "PlayStation(R)Network Account Registration for a Child" e-mail. Follow the included instructions to confirm and authorise the new account.

Log in to the master account on the PS3. Select "PlayStation Network," then "Account Management" from the cross media bar. Select "Manage Sub Accounts" to bring up the sub account management screen.

Select the new account you just created. Turn on the "Restrict chat with other users" option.

Log in to the new account whenever you want to play a game without voice chat.

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