How to print multiple pictures on a single page

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you need to print off a graph to show a client or you are just printing pictures from your digital camera, your home printer makes it a snap to print images. You won't always want to print a full-page picture in every circumstance, however. In plenty of cases, such as if you want to print wallet size photos, you may need to position multiple pictures on the same sheet of paper. To add different images to the same page, you need to change the settings in your photo program.

Open a new Microsoft Word document and navigate to the "Insert" tab at the top of the screen, which is positioned to the right of the "Home" tab. Click the "Picture" button in the "Illustrations" heading.

Navigate to the first image you want to use and double-click its name. Click and drag any edge of the image to resize it, either larger or smaller. Click the picture and drag it to any location in the document.

Return to the "Picture" button in the "Illustrations" heading and repeat the process to add your second image. Click and drag the image so the two pictures aren't overlapping. Repeat the process with as many pictures as you want to use.

Click the "Microsoft Office" icon at the top-left corner of the screen and click "Print" to print the pictures on a single page.

Open the Picasa program and look through the list of folders on the left side of the screen. Click the name of the folder containing the pictures you want to print on a single page.

Locate the first image you want to use in the thumbnails at the centre of the window. Click the first window. Press and hold the "Ctrl" button and click each of the other pictures you want to print on a single page.

Click the "Print" icon at the bottom of the screen. Click the layout you want to use for the images in the "Print Layout" section at the top-left corner. Click the green "Print" button to start printing the images.

Access the Photoscape program and click the "Pring" icon at the bottom of the window. Click the "Thumbnail Print" tab at the right side of the screen.

Click the "Rows Per Page" button and choose the number of pictures you want to print. Open the "Add" menu at the top of the screen. Double-click the name of the first picture you want to add to the page.

Return to the "Add" menu and repeat the process for each new photo you want to add to the page. Click print and choose the "Print the Current Page" radio button. Click "Print" to print the images.


The specific instructions for adding multiple images to a single page may vary with other photo software. Access the program's "Help" screen for assistance in adding more photos to a page.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word or similar word processing program
  • Picasa or similar free picture-editing program
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