How to Convert a Photo to Black & White in PhotoImpact

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Although colour photography is impressive, converting some photos to black and white creates an appealing and dramatic effect. One feature of Ulead's PhotoImpact software, a comprehensive photo editing program for the PC, allows you to toggle hue, saturation and contrast to transform a colour photo into a black and white image. This photo enhancement tool also allows you to view real-time changes to the image, showing the before and after versions of your photo on a split screen.

Click "File" in PhotoImpact and then "Open." Select the photo you wish to convert.

Select "Format" from the menu bar once your photo appears, and then click "Hue & Saturation." A screen appears showing your photo along with numerous editing options.

Click the "Dual View" tab to compare the before and after images as you adjust the settings.

Under "Method," select "Colorize." This option makes the image monochromatic, appearing in different shades of the same colour.

Drag the three sliders labelled "Hue," "Saturation" and "Contrast" all the way to the left to remove colour.

Click "OK" once you are satisfied with the after image.

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