How to Anchor Pictures in Outlook Email

John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

When sending a digital photograph over e-mail, many computer users add the original image file to the message as an attachment. However, the Microsoft Outlook e-mail application offers an alternative called anchoring. With Outlook, you can embed pictures directly into outgoing e-mail messages instead of sending them as attachments. This way, the person receiving the email will see the picture right away instead of having to download it.

Launch the Microsoft Outlook application on your PC.

Go to the "Mail" tab in the lower-left corner of the main Outlook window.

Click on the "New" button in the top toolbar to open a blank message composition window.

Go to the "Format Text" tab at the top of the new message window.

Click on the button labelled "HTML" to convert your message to a format that supports anchored pictures.

Switch to the "Insert" tab in the toolbar and press the "Picture" button.

Navigate to the location of the image file you want to anchor and then double-click on its thumbnail icon. Outlook will now anchor the image to the body of the message and you can use the "Format" tab to adjust the picture's position, size and other properties.

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