How to Make See Through Clothes on Photoshop

Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for digital image manipulation, and the possibilities for creating new images are virtually endless. One of the features of an image that can be changed is the opacity, which presents the possibility of X-ray features, including see-through clothing and ghost people.

Locate and select the image containing the clothing you wish to make translucent and open it in Photoshop.

Open a second Photoshop project by selecting "File" and "New" in the toolbar.

Return to the original image and select the tool you are more comfortable using to crop images--either the "Pen" tool or the "Magnetic Lasso" tool.

Create a path around the outline of the clothing you wish to make translucent with the pen or magnetic lasso tool.

Right-click on the selection if using the "Pen" tool and select "Make Selection." The selection will be marked with a crawling, black, dashed line. If using the magnetic lasso tool, this will happen automatically.

Option-click on Mac (Alt-click on PC) the selection to duplicate it and drag it into the new file created in Step 2. This creates a new layer in that file that contains the selected clothing.

Set the opacity to 40 per cent in the "Layers" panel. This can be adjusted depending on how translucent you want the clothing to be.

Save the image by selecting "File" and "Save as" in the toolbar. You can now place the clothing image wherever you like and the background will show through.

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