How to Unscramble Pictures

Dynamic Graphics/Dynamic Graphics Group/Getty Images

Picture scrambles are online amusements that require players to properly arrange digitally-jumbled images using mouse clicks. Unscrambling pictures can range from being relatively simple to difficult depending on the original image and amount of pieces it is sectioned into.

Particular strategies, such as paying attention to straight lines and corresponding patterns and shadows can be most advantageous.

Move the picture pieces into sections based on their similarities by clicking each piece once and then clicking the location that you wish to move it to. Similarities can include lines, patterns, designs and shadows. If the scramble game shows you the completed image prior to starting, you can place each section in their approximate location according to recall.

Search through the sections for matching lines or angles within the image on each piece. The pieces with corresponding lines within their image should join together to create a clear larger portion of the scrambled picture. Continue matching these pieces until that section is finished and move on to another section.

Focus next on the pieces with matching designs and patterns and look for complementary points on each piece. Concentrate first on the pieces that are obviously a part of a discernible image, such as a face, animal or other object. Sections of pieces with sporadic designs, such as stars in a sky or tiny objects like blades of grass, should be dealt with last as they can be more easily matched once other sections of the picture are complete.

Work through the section of pieces with similar shadows, which tend surround the main images of the picture. Once a larger portion of the scrambled picture is put together, spots for shadows and solid colours will start to be more obvious.

Fit each section together so you can visualise a more complete image. Once you can see a larger image it should be easier to gauge where it goes within the completed outer edge.