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How to Print Oval Pictures

Updated July 20, 2017

The square picture has got to be so boring. There are several programs like Photomix and Paintshop Pro that allow individuals to shape their pictures into ovals. The next step is to print the oval pictures in a colour printer on photo paper. The key to printing oval pictures comes down to the quality of the colour printer, the photo paper being used and a few required steps to change printer quality settings.

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  1. Insert high-gloss photo paper into the paper tray. Connect the printer to the laptop and turn it on.

  2. Wait for Windows to load, then go to "Start" and "Control Panel."

  3. Double-click the "Printers" folder. Right-click on the printer icon to select "Printing Preferences."

  4. Select the "Paper/Quality" tab and set print quality to "Maximum dpi."

  5. Let photo ink dry for 12 hours, then cut out the oval picture.

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