How to invert the colours of an image on Microsoft Word

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Word 2010 introduced Artistic Effects to add different effects to your photos and images. One of these effects is the inverted colour effect, which inverts colours and makes the image look like its photo negative.

Hover your cursor over each of the Artistic Effects thumbnails to see a preview of that effect applied to the image. The Artistic Effects options allow you to tweak your photo or image after the effect is applied. These instructions are for Microsoft Word 2010.

Open Microsoft Word.

Click the "Insert" tab to open the "Insert" ribbon menu. Click "Illustrations" and click "Picture."

Browse to the image you want to open. Click the "Open" button.

Click on the image in the Word document to select it. Click the "Format" tab to open the "Format" ribbon menu.

Click "Artistic Effects" under "Picture Tools" in the Adjust group.

Click the "Invert Colors" option from the "Artistic Effects" drop-down menu.