How Can I Sync iTunes With My Android Phone?

Updated February 21, 2017

While the Android phone is not directly compatible with Apple iTunes, free third-party programs likes iTunes Agent, DoubleTwist AirSync and TuneSync can sync iTunes playlists to your Android. These programs act as connectors between iTunes and non-Apple devices; the latter two applications can also sync iTunes playlists over a wireless network.

Download iTunes Agent. Double-click the downloaded file to run the installation wizard. Click "Install" to install the software on your PC.

Connect your Android to your computer using its USB cable. Double-click the "iTunes Agent" icon on your desktop.

Right-click the "iTunes Agent" icon on the system tray, which is located in the lower right-hand corner of your desktop, and click "Preferences."

Click "New" and select "iTunes" from the "Synchronize Pattern" drop-down menu. Click "Choose" next to the "Music location on device" section and select "Android\Music" as the folder location.

Click the "Associate with Playlist" drop-down menu. Click the playlist you wish to sync to the Android phone.

Click "Save" and wait for the playlist to sync to the Android phone.

Click "Safely Remove Hardware" in the system tray. Click the entry for your Android phone to safely disconnect it.

Download and install the DoubleTwist application on your computer (see Resources).

Launch the Android Market on your cell phone and download the DoubleTwist AirSync application.

Click "Start" on your PC's desktop menu, then click "All Programs" and "DoubleTwist."

Tap "DoubleTwist" on your Android phone's screen to pair the device to your computer. Click "Playlist Setup" on your computer, then click "Import Playlists." DoubleTwist will import your iTunes playlists and sync them to your phone.

Download the TuneSync application to your phone from the Android Market. Download TuneSync to your computer (see Resources).

Double-click the TuneSync icon on your computer's desktop to launch the application, then tap "TuneSync" on your Android phone to open the application.

Enter the name of your computer in the TuneSync window on the phone, then enter the iTunes playlist you want to synchronise from the computer to the phone. The application automatically synchronises all content stored in the playlist to your phone.

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