How to make a chair out of paper and masking tape

Updated April 17, 2017

Making a chair out of only paper and masking tape is an interesting and fun craft project for kids and parents or students in a classroom. Both of these materials are malleable and will create structures of different strengths, encouraging those who are involved in the project to focus on structural design more than the fact that they are making something out of paper and tape. A specific process should be followed when making these paper and tape chairs.

Roll a sturdy thickness of 8.5 by 11 inch sheets of paper into a tube and wrap them up tightly with masking tape so that they don't come undone. These will form one 11 to 12 inch leg for your tape and paper chair. If you want the leg to be longer, roll another thick amount of paper up and wrap it with tape. Then connect these two rolls of paper by wrapping two ends together with tape and then attaching them with layers of vertical strips of masking tape until the two pieces are solidly connected and won't bend. Make four of these legs, whatever length you want, just as long as they are all equal.

Tape two full reams of computer paper together by wrapping tape around them until they do not move. This will form the seat of your chair. Place larger, full newspapers under the two reams of paper you have taped together and attach them to these paper reams, so a bottom is formed on the seat of the chair.

Tape the top of each of the four legs to the seat of the chair that is wrapped in newspaper and tape. Tape is your glue and your screws here, so wrapping the tops of the legs and the seat of the chair at different angles will help to secure them and allow them to support different amounts of weight.

Continue to add different amounts of tape and paper to the chair to repair loose sections if the paper and tape chair is used regularly. Roll up smaller pieces of paper and attach them between the legs of the chair, to be used as braces so the chair can support more weight.


There is no real determining factor as to how much weight a paper and masking tape chair like this may hold, so you will simply have to carefully test it out on your own. If it looks as if it will collapse when you sit on it, add more masking tape and possibly paper.

Things You'll Need

  • Reams of Computer Paper
  • Crate of Newspapers
  • 10 Rolls Masking Tape
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