How to fix uncomfortable car seats

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Driving to and from work, to the supermarket or on a long road trip, comfortable car seats can make the time you spend in your car more enjoyable. Uncomfortable car seats can cause lower back pain and muscle ache, but that can be avoided by making adjustments to your vehicle's interior. A car is almost like a second home, and the time you spend in it will be much more pleasant with comfortable seats.

Buy seat covers and fit them over your current car seats. Seat covers come in a variety of colours, styles and fabrics and can be purchased online or at your local car parts shop. They give your seats more padding and make them more comfortable.

Buy a seat cushion online or at a car parts retailer. Seat cushions are usually made of foam and function like a mattress pad for your car seats. Place the seat cushion over your car seat and secure in place according to manufacturer's instructions. Over time the foam of the seat cushion forms to fit your body making your car seats soft, yet supportive.

Use a back support pillow. Back support pillows are small, firm pillows that support the lower back and make your car seat more comfortable. Slip the pillow strap over the car seat and place the pillow where your lower back would be on the seat. Back support pillows can be found online or at your local car parts shop.

Reupholster your car seats. Take your car to a detailing workshop and ask for reupholstering. Trained professionals rip out your old seats and install new, more comfortable cushioning and covers.

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