How to Repair the Hole in an Air Mattress With Silicone

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Air beds can be convenient for unexpected guests or kid's sleepovers. But a small hole in an air bed will render the mattress absolutely useless until you can patch the spot. The use of vinyl adhesive is the preferred method of patching a hole in vinyl. However, you can use RTV (room temperature vulcanising) silicone sealer in place of vinyl adhesive if needed. The silicone sealer adheres to the vinyl and creates a tight seal to eliminate the hole.

Drain the air bed of all its air.

Cut a quarter-sized patch from a piece of vinyl with scissors.

Wipe the surface over the hole and of the patch with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or grease from the surfaces. Allow time for the alcohol to air dry.

Apply a thin layer of RTV silicone to the surface of the air bed directly over the hole.

Place the patch over the RTV silicone and then place a weighted object over the patch to weight it down. Allow 24 hours for drying before removing the weight.

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