How to Repair a Flock Top Air Mattress

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Flock, or flocked, style air beds are covered with a simulated velour top and have sides and a bottom constructed of vinyl. Just as any other type, the flock-style air bed is susceptible to holes and leaks from improper use or accidents. Locating and repairing the leak will ensure that the flock top air bed will be available for the next camping trip or overnight guest.

Inflate air bed and apply pressure with your hands. This will help you find the leak.

Place your face near the mattress and inspect the top for the sound of leaking air.

Mark the leak's location with marker.

Sand down the flocked covering from the affected area with a piece of fine sand paper. This will ensure that the epoxy used to seal the hole will adhere more effectively.

Deflate mattress and clean the area around the hole with alcohol swab.

Cut a piece of the patch material from kit; make it approximately one inch larger than the size of the hole or tear.

Apply a layer of epoxy (provided in kit) to the bottom of the patch section. Allow glue to sit for five minutes to become tacky.

Place patch onto the affected area; smooth it down with your hands to remove any air bubbles.

Allow glue to dry completely.

Inflate air bed to ensure that the leak is completely covered.

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