How to Differentiate the Original & Fake Ray-Bans

Updated July 19, 2017

The high prices and worldwide popularity of Ray Ban sunglasses give counterfeiters all the incentive they need to pass off replicas as originals. Some telltale signs are easily recognisable. These include spelling errors on the packaging or manual, or glasses sold without certain items such as cases or cleaning rags. However, many counterfeiters do not make these mistakes, so to be sure of spotting fakes you need to know the exact features present on all original Ray Bans.

Examine the case. It should have an engraved seal depicting the Ray Ban logo. On fake cases, this logo is often painted and may be flaking off. Look at the button that fastens the case closed. Real cases have the Ray Ban logo printed on the button. Also look at the colouration of the logo sticker on the lenses. Authentic Ray Bans stickers are black and gold. Fakes often use black and yellow.

Look at the inside of the temples--the two "legs" that rest over the ears. On one temple, original Ray Bans specify where the glasses are made. Authentic Ray Bans usually read "made in Italy." They may also read "assembled in Italy"or "assembled in Ireland." If the glasses specify any other location, they may be fake.

Verify that logos appear on the outside of both temples and on one of the lenses. Try to look in between the logo and the temple. Original logos are recessed into the temple, whereas fakes typically are not. Pull the logo off the temple. If you can do so easily, the glasses are likely fake. Also, the "B" in the logo on the lens should lean slightly forward.

Examine the hinges. Each hinge on an original pair of Wayfarer Ray Bans has seven prongs or "knuckles." Three of these are on the temple and four are on the frame. Look at the ends of the temples where they meet with the hinges. Originals have a brass rod running through the temple, the end of which is visible.

Look at the lenses. One of the lenses has an engraving consisting of the letters "R" and "B" under the nosepiece. These should be in the exact same font as the official Ray Ban logo. Hold the glasses right side up and look at the engraving. On original Ray Bans, the letters will appear upside down. Authentic Ray Bans might have the letters "B" and "L" engraved rather than "R" and "B." This does not mean they're fake. It means they're an older pair manufactured when the lenses were made by Baush & Lomb.

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