How to Authenticate Chanel Watches

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Chanel watches are stylish and luxurious, but come with a high price tag. If you are buying a Chanel watch from an online store, a resale shop or an owner, check and make sure it's the real thing. Imitation watches will cost substantially less, but won't be the same quality.

Evaluate the watch's weight and materials. A real Chanel watch will be relatively heavy. The watch should not be made of cheap plastic or lightweight metal. This is a sign that it's not only a fake, it's a cheap fake.

Look at the bands and the individual links in the watch. A Chanel watch will not have plastic-covered bands. Only a few links will have rivets on the side so the link can be removed. Fake Chanels sometimes have rivets on each link.

Look at the watch under a magnifying glass for scratches, gaps in links and loose glass. Chanel does not sell flawed products. Look at the logo up close to make sure it matches the real Chanel logo.

Look on Chanel's website or visit a Chanel store to verify the watch is a design that Chanel actually makes. Examine every detail possible. Replica watches will have misplaced dials, different colours, fewer diamonds or other small details that will give it away.

Look at the watch's face where the date is displayed. An authentic Chanel watch will display the date number vertically. Some fake Chanels have the date displayed horizontally.

Check the Chanel authenticity card that comes with the watch. Even these can be faked. Real Chanel cards should be black with gold lettering. It should not be laminated.

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