How to Make a Sea Anemone Costume

Updated February 21, 2017

A sea anemone costume is great craft project for you and your child to do together. With a few materials picked up from the craft store, you can create an affordable, yet colourful costume for Halloween or school concerts and plays. The project is safe and easy to make and won't take up a lot of time, which is beneficial to parents with busy work and family schedules.

Take a large sheet of construction paper purchased from a craft store that is durable enough to create a tube around the child. Depending on the height of the child, it may be necessary to cut the paper to size.

Roll the paper around the child and mark the points where the child's arms are. Unroll the paper, lay it flat on the ground and cut out two large holes in the marked area for the child's arms.

Use smaller coloured construction paper or tissue paper to create the anemone tendrils. Lay the paper flat on the table, so that the wider ends are facing you. This will give you the width of the paper to use.

Measure the 8-by-11-inch paper and draw a mark every 1.25 inches of the paper with a pencil. This will produce nine sections on the paper, but the last section will be shorter than the others.

Cut two-thirds of the way up the paper on the eight marked lines. This will create the anemone tendrils. Use as many sheets of construction paper to create enough tendrils to go around the child, which will depend on the child's size. You may need to cut up anywhere from five to eight pieces of coloured construction paper.

Lay the large construction paper flat and glue the smaller tendril pieces to the top of the paper, all away around the top, so that the tendrils are sticking out over the top. Make sure you glue the portion of the paper that is not cut into tendrils onto the large construction board.

Turn the board over, so that the glued bits don't show. Roll the paper around the child, poking the arms through the holes. Make sure the child's neck is above the top of the tube. Staple the back of the tube together.

Glue sparkles, buttons, confetti and cereal bits to the tendrils and the board to give the sea anemone costume a more glamorous look.

Things You'll Need

  • Large construction paper board
  • Construction paper (8 by 11 inches)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Pencil
  • Sparkles, cereal bits, buttons
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