How to Make Mandalorian Costumes

Updated April 17, 2017

He appears on screen only a fraction of the time during "The Empire Strikes Back," but Boba Fett is one of the Star Wars series most iconic characters. With only a few lines, it's Boba Fett's weathered armour and battered helmet that stand out the most. Since the film's 1980 release, countless fans have recreated the distinctive Mandalorian armour. The amount of money you have to spend on your costume plays a big role in determining what building materials you use. Regardless of the materials, there are plenty of templates and plans on the Internet to help you with the details.

Estimate how much money you want to spend on assembling your Mandalorian costume. Your budget will determine what materials you're able to use. While most people making a Mandalorian costume would like to use specially machined galvanised steel sheet metal to construct the helmet, you may need to find cheaper alternatives such as an old, plastic helmet.

Locate templates and plans for the different components of the Mandalorian armour. Fan websites like the Mandalorian Mercs and the Dented Helmet have forums where other costume makers have posted their building plans.

Collect your building materials. Components such as the flight suit, gloves and the belt you can find already assembled in the form of a pair of coveralls, work gloves and a utility belt. Depending on your budget, you can build the actual armour out of poster board, sheet metal or another thin, sturdy material. Make sure you have the proper tools as well. If you're working with sheet metal, you'll need sheet metal shears to cut it to size.

Construct the various components of your Mandalorian costume. The fabric vest that goes under the chest armour requires basic sewing skills. Poster board armour is easy to build yourself, but if you want your costume built out of sheet metal you may need to have it specially machined.

Refer to images of Boba Fett or other examples of Mandalorian when decorating the armour. Mandalorian armour rarely looks pristine. Sections of the armour should appear weathered and pockmarked. This effect can be rendered by using spray paint for larger sections and paint for more detailed areas.

Add the final touches to your costume. A pair of black boots and knee pads will finish off the look and help you look like a bounty hunter from the waist down. You'll also need a gun of some sort. If you can't find a replica of the one used in the movies, modify a plastic gun until it has the look you want.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Coveralls
  • Fabric
  • Poster board
  • Galvanised steel sheet metal
  • Sheet metal shears
  • Knee pads
  • Spray paint
  • Paint
  • Gloves
  • Belt
  • Boots
  • Toy weapons
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