How to Decorate a Victorian Doll House

Girls of all ages enjoy dollhouses and decorating them. Victorian dollhouses are replicas of houses in the Victorian period, which was 1830 to 1900 and named for the rule of Queen Victoria in England. Flamboyant decorations and steep pitched roofs are emblems of Victorian architecture. Dollhouses in this style are typically three stories with trimmed eaves. You can easily decorate a Victorian dollhouse by pairing dark wood dollhouse furniture with leftover fabric and paper for homemade accents.

Arrange your dollhouse furniture in the appropriate rooms. For example, claw-footed bathtubs should be placed in the bathroom. Choose rooms for bedroom furniture, and put kitchen furniture in the kitchen. Use dark wood furniture for an authentic Victorian style.

Measure rooms where you want wallpaper. During the Victorian period, William Morris Wallpaper was popular. It was mostly floral, and you can recreate the same look by buying floral paper from an art store or repurposing vintage-looking gift wrap.

Cut your floral paper into the measured size. Gently remove the furniture from the room where you want the wallpaper, and glue the paper into place. Bedrooms and living rooms are good places for wallpaper.

Measure windows on your dollhouse where you want to add curtains. The Victorian period was a time of lavish fabrics, and you can find velvets or thick fabric to make curtains for your house.

Cut to the measured window sizes and glue the top of the curtain around a toothpick or skewer stick. Then, glue the window treatment into place over your dollhouse's window.

Cut lace to put on tables and sofas inside the house. Glue gilded-framed mirrors on walls in the living room. Cut rugs from leftover fabric for the living room and bedrooms.

Place dollhouse flowers and vases in the dining room and living room. Add any other accessories you have into your dollhouse.


Vintage dollhouse furniture and accessories can help create a true Victorian dollhouse look. You can also make tiny pillows for your Victorian sofa with velvet fabric. Dress your dollhouse dolls in Victorian clothing for an added authentic look.


Use caution when working with sharp scissors. Be sure your measurements are correct before gluing down wallpaper and curtains.

Things You'll Need

  • Victorian dollhouse
  • Dollhouse furniture
  • Floral paper
  • Glue
  • Plush fabric
  • Lace
  • Scissors
  • Toothpick
  • Mirrors
  • Flowers in vase
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