How to Donate Fabric to Charity

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Donating your unused fabric to charity will enable you to not only help those in need but also to clear space in your linen closet. Charities can utilise a variety of fabrics in different shapes and sizes.

Organizations that craft quilts for hospital patients, soldiers deployed overseas or children in orphanages could use small pieces of scrap fabric. Homeless shelters would be able to put larger pieces of fabric to good use as extra bedding for the residents. Contact local charities and organisations in your area to see exactly what type of fabric they are looking for.

Check that all fabrics are clean and stain-free.

Gather fabric scraps into one pile. Charities that make quilts can use these, enabling you to donate even small pieces of fabric to a good cause.

Assemble larger pieces of fabric and even blankets in another pile. These can be used by charities that need full blankets or by local thrift stores.

Call area charities as well as hospitals, homeless shelters, churches and other organisations, such as Newborns in Need, to see if they are in need of pieces of fabric or fabric scraps (see Resources). Also, local quilt and fabric stores might know customers or quilting guilds that could use scraps.