How to Transfer Photos Wirelessly from a Camera to a Computer

Updated February 21, 2017

To transfer pictures that are stored on your digital camera to your computer wirelessly, both devices must be enabled with Bluetooth technology. Many digital cameras aren't enabled with Bluetooth. The Kodak EasyShare V610 and the Ricoh G700SE are two digital cameras that do incorporate this technology. Not all computers have built-in Bluetooth technology, but you can purchase a Bluetooth adaptor and plug it in to enable Bluetooth on the computer. To transfer images, the computer and camera must be set up to allow the transfer of data between them.

Set up Bluetooth on your camera. Instructions vary per model. On the Kodak EasyShare V610, for example, press the "Menu" button, and use the navigation keys to select the Setup menu. Press the "OK" button. Then use the navigation keys to select "Bluetooth" and press "OK." Follow the prompts to select a passcode, select your security preference, enter a name for the camera and choose a transfer picture size. On the Ricoh G700SE, the camera will supply the passcode to the computer for you if you select that particular security option.

Insert the Bluetooth dongle or adaptor into the computer's USB port, if you don't already have Bluetooth installed on your computer.

Set up the computer as a trusted device. On the Kodak EasyShare V610, you would select the "Share" button, then use the navigation keys to select "Bluetooth." In the Bluetooth menu, select an open port. The camera can connect to four devices. The Ricoh G700SE will connect to up to 10 devices. The camera will search for devices, then select the computer from the list of found devices.

Sync the camera with the computer. Enter "Bluetooth" into the search field in the computer desktop's "Start" menu, or select "Hardware & Sound" in Windows 7. Press "Search." Select "Add a (Bluetooth) device" from the results. The computer will search for the digital camera, after which you select it from the results and click "Next." Enter the passcode created for the camera when prompted. The computer will connect with the digital camera.

Transfer pictures from the camera. Enter playback mode on the camera, and review your stored pictures. If using the Kodak EasyShare, for instance, press the "Review" button and use the navigation keys to find a picture to send, then press "OK" to select each picture. Once you are done selecting pictures, click the "Share" button. Choose the "Bluetooth" menu, then select your computer from the list of trusted devices. Press "OK" and the photos will transfer wirelessly. The Ricoh requires that you select the "File Send" option in the playback menu. The device will detect your computer and begin the transfer.

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