How to Install an After Market Navigation in a Mazda RX8

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The Mazda RX-8 is a coupe featuring a unique rotary engine and a rear-wheel drive chassis that offers exceptional body control and handling. To take the hassle out of navigating, you can buy a navigation unit for the RX-8 from aftermarket GPS experts such as Navman, TomTom or Garmin. Tap in your destination's zip code and the device will plot the best route for you to take, leaving you to simply enjoy driving the RX-8.

Get in the RX-8 with your new unit.

Remove the navigation unit, power cable and the suction cup mount from the packaging.

After removing the plastic protector from the suction cup mount, find the ideal spot to mount it on your RX-8's windshield.

Place and then push the suction cup up against your RX-8's windshield before flipping the mount's lever until it snaps into place.

Slide the navigation unit onto the mount's cradle and click it into place.

Attach the power cable to the navigation unit and to the power outlet of the RX-8. The navigation unit will work once you have allowed the unit to locate a satellite signal.

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