How to Decorate Plastic Shoe Boxes

Updated July 18, 2017

Plastic shoe boxes are useful for so much more than storage. You can colour coordinate them to your decor and use them to store candles, office supplies or CDs in a stylish way. Plastic shoe boxes are made of clear sturdy plastic, making these containers perfect for decorating in many creative ways.

Decide on a decorating theme. Decorate your boxes with a holiday theme, your favourite colour or to coordinate with the decor of a certain room. For example, a beach-themed box for storing items in a bathroom that has an ocean decor.

Gather the materials you want to use for decorating your plastic shoe boxes. Choose materials that work best on plastic, such as coloured permanent markers, sturdy wallpaper, scrapbook paper and craft glue appropriate for plastic containers. Visit the press-on section of your local craft store to select pre-glued items that adhere well to plastic, such as laser-cut designs, paper rosettes and stickers.

Separate the various materials for decorating each plastic shoebox. Use the boxes to hold the materials they will be decorated with. Separating them this way makes it easier to keep an inventory of your supplies.

Select a sturdy paper to wrap the base of the shoebox. Apply an even layer of craft glue to the back of the paper, and then press the paper firmly onto the plastic box. Work in sections and wrap the entire bottom of the shoebox. Do not apply craft glue to pre-glued items like pre-glued wallpaper or contact paper.

Leave the lid of the box plain or decorate it. You can decorate it with a colour-coordinating paper to complement the design on bottom. You can also use coloured permanent markers to draw designs on the lid that match the paper on bottom.

Embellish your shoebox. Apply a dot of craft glue to the back of each decoration. Press each item onto the shoebox, then apply pressure for 30 seconds to help secure the decoration. Remove the adhesive backing on pre-glued items, then press the decorations onto the shoebox where you want them.

Apply labels to the front of each shoebox for easy identification of its contents. Use different coloured magic markers to label the box, or glue a picture of the contents on the front of the shoebox. Or, use your computer to print decorative labels, then glue them onto the front of the plastic shoebox.


Give each family member a plastic shoebox to decorate for their room.

Things You'll Need

  • Permanent markers
  • Wallpaper
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Craft glue
  • Stickers
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