How to Use My BlackBerry Without a Trackball

Updated February 21, 2017

The trackball on your BlackBerry is important to the function of your smartphone. Operating a BlackBerry without a trackball is similar to operating your computer without a mouse --- possible, but difficult. After having your BlackBerry for a while, you may notice that dirt, liquid and other things can get trapped under the ball, causing it to stick. Sometimes, the ball can actually pop out and become lost on older phones. If your trackball isn't working or missing, you can still operate your BlackBerry.

Press the "Menu" key on your BlackBerry. This opens your BlackBerry Home screen. The "Menu" key is left to the trackball, or at least, where the trackball should be.

Press the "Menu" key again to open your menu options from the Home screen.

Press the "S" key twice on your keypad. "Switch Applications" should now be highlighted. Press "Enter" on your keypad to select "Switch Applications." Your main applications, such as Address Book and Messages, appear on the screen.

Type "A," then press the "Enter" key to open the BlackBerry Address Book. Use the keypad to type in the name of the contact you'd like to call. Once highlighted, press the "Send" key to place the call.

Send a text from the Switch Applications screen by typing the letter "M." Press the "Enter" key to open BlackBerry SMS text messages. Press "U" to open any unread messages, press "P" to scroll down your SMS texts, press "S" to search for old messages, press "C" to compose and send an e-mail, press "V" to view saved messages, press "B" to scroll the oldest message and press "T" to return to the top of your messages.

Press the "Menu" key while inside your SMS messages and select "Compose SMS Text" or "Compose Email." Type your text or e-mail as usual, then press the "Menu" key, followed by "Send."

Turn on your Home screen shortcuts by pressing the "Send" key. Press the "Menu" button, then press "O" to highlight "Options." Press "Enter" to select "Options," and click "General Options." Press "Enter" to turn "Dial From Your Home Screen" off and to turn your shortcuts on. Now, you can use the different BlackBerry shortcuts by pressing one letter on your keypad:

A = Address Book

B = Browser

C = Compose Message

D = Memo pad

H = Help

I = AOL Instant Messenger

K = Lock

L = Calendar

M = Messages

N = BlackBerry Messenger

O = Options

R = Alarm

S = Search

T = Tasks

U = Calculator

V = Saved messages

Y = Yahoo! Messenger

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