How to Make Decorative Ribbon Knots

Updated April 17, 2017

Ribbons can be used for holiday or birthday gifts or added to cards to make them a bit more festive. They are also used often at holidays, weddings, and other celebrations for decoration. Some of these uses are functional, while some are simply decorative. Ribbons can be tied in multiple ways. The most practical way to tie a ribbon is to tie it in a simple knot to hold something together, but ribbons can also be tied into various bows.

Sit with the ribbon around your project or around an object you can slide it off of after tying. The ends of the ribbon should be pointing away from you.

Cross the left end of the ribbon over the right, then wrap it around and pull gently.

Hold the ribbon in the middle with one finger and cross the right end of the ribbon over the left.

Keep holding the ribbon in the middle and wrap the right end of the ribbon around the left end. Pull it through slowly, arranging the knot as you go.

Trim the ends of your ribbon knot to desired lengths.

Hold a single length of ribbon in front of you.

Make two loops of the same size, one from each side of the ribbon. Once you have done this, the ribbon will look like a wiggly letter "M," with the longest pieces being on the outer edges of the "M."

Move the loop on the right across the loop on the left.

Move the right loop under the left and pull it up through the hole, tying a knot with the two loops. Do this slowly, making sure the ribbon doesn't become twisted or bunched.

Trim the tails of the bow to desired length. Use a scissors to cut the ends of the tails into an inverted letter "V."

Things You'll Need

  • Ribbon
  • Object to wrap your ribbon around if tying a knot
  • Scissors
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