How to Build a Wooden DVD/CD Storage Cabinet

Updated March 23, 2017

DVDs and CDs are great for entertainment, but can cause unnecessary clutter around the house if they're not put away. To avoid this media clutter, build a wooden storage cabinet that will store both your DVDs and CDs and place it next to your television or stereo. Since DVD and CD cases have different sizes, build a custom designed storage cabinet that provides three shelves for DVDs and two shelves for CDs.

Lay the plywood on the ground. Place the measuring tape down on the wood and draw a rectangle with the pencil. The rectangle should measure 6 inches by 41 inches. Make an identical piece, so you have the two side pieces. Draw six additional rectangles that will serve as the top, bottom and shelving pieces. The six pieces should be identical and measure 6 inches by 12 inches. Lastly, create the back panel piece in the same manner, so it measures 41 inches by 13 inches. Make an identical piece for the cabinet door.

Place the plywood sheets in front of the table saw. Cut out one piece at a time by slowly pushing the plywood sheets through the table saw, following the lines drawn in the previous step as your guide. Turn off the table saw when you are done. Take one piece at a time and smooth the edges by sandpapering them.

Place the two side pieces down flat. On one of the pieces, measure one-half inch in from one end and draw a straight line across the board. Measure an additional 5 1/2 inches from that line and draw another line across the board. From this line, add another one-half-inch gap and draw a line. Measure another 5 1/2 inches and draw a line. Repeat this pattern, but change the 5 1/2-inch gap to 8 inches on the remaining space. Repeat this pattern on the second side board.

Turn one of the side pieces onto its side. Take one of the six shelving pieces and line it up on its side perpendicular to the side piece. Line it up to one of the half-inch gaps drawn in the previous step. Place the level on top of the two pieces. Carefully hammer nails through the side piece to connect the two pieces. Check the level frequently to ensure the connection is even. Repeat this step with the other five pieces and the five, half-inch gaps.

Place the second side panel up to the cabinet and line it up, so the ends of the shelves, top and bottom match the half-inch spaces. Attach the side panel to each of the shelving ends, as the level is placed on top to ensure evenness. Use the same method as in the previous step.

Lay the back panel down on the storage cabinet, when it is lying down. Attach the back panel to the storage cabinet by putting nails into the back, so they reach into the side pieces. Use the hammer to secure the nails. Turn the storage cabinet right side up. It is your choice if you want the 8-inch shelves for DVDs or the 5 1/2-inch shelves for the CDs on top.

Lay the cabinet door down and install the door hinges. Check the placement of the hinges to make sure that the hinges do not interfere with the shelves in the cabinet. The hinges will be installed on the inside of the cabinet. Use a screwdriver and two to four small quarter-inch screws per hinge, as required. Apply two hinges on the door. Hold the door up to the cabinet side and use the screwdriver and two to four small quarter-inch screws per hinge to install the hinges inside the cabinet.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • 1/2-inch thick plywood sheets
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Table saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • 1/4-inch screws
  • Screwdriver
  • 2 hinges
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