How to Retrieve Blocked SMS on a Blackberry

Updated February 21, 2017

The BlackBerry smartphone offers a way to block incoming SMS messages. But if you enabled the block function by accident, or no loner want to block messages, figuring out how to disable and retrieve your SMS messages can seem tricky. The block on your SMS messages is done through the phone's Firewall settings. Once you find the Firewall settings, disabling the blocked SMS messages is easy, and will enable you to read your SMS messages as normal.

Press your "Menu" key to access the Home screen on your BlackBerry.

Click "Options" from the Home screen.

Click "Security Options," then click "Firewall."

Click to uncheck the box next to "SMS" under the title "Block Incoming Messages." Click to uncheck the boxes next to "MMS," "PIN," "BlackBerry Internet Service" and "Enterprise Email" as well if you do not wish those services to be blocked.

Press the "Escape" key, then click "Save." Exit the Options and your Home screen.

Click the "Messages" icon, and view any new, previously blocked messages.

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