How to Change the Text Settings on Nokia Mobile Phones

Updated April 17, 2017

Accessing text messaging settings on a Nokia phone is a simple procedure. While some options are not able to be changed, some can be customised to the user's preference. Options that pertain to the network coverage or a call centre are pre-configured to the carrier -- these options cannot be changed. Options which do not pertain to any networks, carriers or call centres can be changed at any time.

Select "Menu" from the home screen.

Go to "Messaging" and select "Options".

Open "Settings" and select "Text Message".

Select the desired settings to change. The settings which can be changed include: "Receive Report", "Character Encoding", "Message Validity", "Message Sent As" and "Preferred Connection". "Message Center" and "Message Center In Use" cannot be altered.

Press "Save Settings" on the bottom of the menu and press "End" on the Nokia to close the menu. The new settings are now changed and saved.

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