How to Contact a Celebrity for Free

Updated July 20, 2017

Celebrities are busy individuals, usually with hectic schedules. Yet even with their fast-paced lives, many still take the time to speak to or correspond with fans. With the Internet, contact is now easier for the fan and celebrity alike. You can still contact someone famous through the traditional letter-sending option, or you can try a faster approach. Whether you are looking for an autograph or you just want to say hello, there are several ways to contact celebrities for free.

Sign up for a Movie Eye account. Movie Eye is a celebrity address directory with more than 60,000 celebrities listed on the website. Once you sign up, you can search for celebrities by name and receive their addresses and other contact information.

Visit the celebrity's personal website to find contact information such as an e-mail or mailing address. For accurate information, be sure to find the celebrity's official website and not one of the hundreds of fan-made websites. Visit to find a specific celebrity's official website and IMDb page; this website also lists the celebrity's Myspace, Facebook and Twitter accounts if applicable.

Go to the Star Collector website. Star Collector is set up as a one-stop free autograph resource. Its database contains addresses for studio fan mail clients, TV/movie studios and TV shows.

Join the Twitter community. Twitter has created a platform where celebrities can interact with their fans in real time.

Search for the celebrity by name, and when you find him, click "Follow." Your feed will update whenever the celebrity posts new information. Look to the top right of his Twitter page to be sure that it's a "Verified Account."

Send a message that works like private messaging, or type @ before the celebrity's name in the Twitter update. The @ symbol with her name will come up in her feed, and she will be able to read your message. It is not unusual for a celebrity on Twitter to respond to a fan who has sent her a message.


If you opt to send a letter, be sure to include an SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) if you want an autograph or response back. Always be respectful when contacting a celebrity. Friendliness and manners can go a long way in a successful contact. Have patience. Celebrities have thousands, if not millions, of fans worldwide, all hoping to receive some type of contact or communication with them. It can take months or years to receive any response.

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